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basic information

Post  Admin Of Death on Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:47 pm

so, since your obviously new to this forum, here's some basic information
There are two admin (sharing the same account). One of them (me X3) also has the Luxord account and the other also has the Demyx account. Everything we right will be signed as either done by Wixth (me) or done by Beezy63 (well, at least when we're using the admin accounts.
We just started this rp forum becuase, well, we thought it would be awsome. I don't have much experience with rp forums (although I have quite a bit with actual roleplaying) but I do have a little with forums. Beezy63 know quite a bit more about rp forums, and it was originally her idea.
So, once people actually sign up, we'll (I'll) be doing a newsletter just about general things that are happening in the forum.
and that's about it for general info, but if you have any questions, just pm the admin, and I'll post something new
If you haven't signed up, have a look around, and read some of the stuff, and if you have, THANK YOU SO MUCH! HAVE AN AWESOME TIME HERE! XD Very Happy

~done by Wixth~
Greetings from the other half of this here admin account. I'll be posting around here as Beezy63, and more often as Demyx (DANCE WATER DANCE). I was actually the brains behind this whole Organization of chaos, so thank me if you think this place sucks. And if you think it sucks, i don't hear it.
I am an admin. And I'm the one with the WRATH. You can expect that if I"m patrol you won't be getting away with much. And if you want a court session, I'll be the judge and you better have a really good testimony, or a drunken Luxord for your lawyer. All in all, welcome RPYHA (rip-hyaaaaaa) and I hope you enjoy our quaint lil community Very Happy

~Done by Beezy63 aka the best thing since sliced bread~
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